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Imagine combining tens of thousands of multi-colored birds with even more four-legged creatures roaming free amidst thousands of plateau and desert plain wilderness. This is Kenya. A country overflowing with once-in-a- lifetime opportunities of wildlife encounters that native Kenyans experience every single day. This is truly a land where “local color” takes on a whole new meaning with the Masai tribe among others. Although tourists are primarily drawn here by awestruck wildlife safaris, Nairobi, the very cosmopolitan capital, offers many cultural vistas of its own.


Once upon a time in a land far away, mighty beasts roamed freely among the untouched rawness of the land. Feel the eternal spirit yet today at these natural locales where four million years ago our ancestors left the dense forests and wandered onto the majestic plains of this lush Garden of Eden they shared with the wild. Tanzania’s historical heritage is as rich and full-bodied as that of the “Big 5” who know this last natural stronghold only as home. 

Wildlife is Tanzania’s greatest resource. And this country, exploding with national parks, conservation and game-control areas, forest reserves, three world heritage sites, and biosphere reserves has made a lifelong commitment to ensure its ongoing conservation. 

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