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You probably already realize you can’t do and see everything you’d like on your excursion. Time constraints and financial resources will impact your decisions the most. In order to optimize your experience as much as possible, the following questions should be asked when planning your trip to Africa:

How much vacation time is available?

What are my main interests and reasons for this trip?
   Wildlife? Architecture? Black African history and culture? Scenery? Islands with beaches and watersports?

Which country (or countries) do I want to visit?

Who will my travel companions be? Family? Church group? Other students? Coworkers?

Can I call any travel agent with my questions about airfare, immunizations, language barriers or visas?

What type of hotel accommodations are important to me?

What information can I discover through the Internet when trying to decide on a destination?

Which would I be comfortable and satisfied with (budget/moderate/tourist class or luxury)?

How can African Travel Seminars assist me?

What about my fellow travelers?

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