African Travel Seminars
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Adventures in Africa

Senegal & The Gambia
African History and Culture


11 Days

"It was a great experience, we'll definitely do it again. The program is a lifelong learning experience."
James and Tamara Clark - Educators, New York

gambia senegal

"Goree Island was a very moving experience. One can not visit there and remain the same person he or she was previously"
Dr. Joyce Peoples - College Professor, Georgia

"A trip of a lifetime. The opportunity to interact with locals was priceless. The variety that the itinerary offered broadened our exposure to and experience with the culture"
Gwen Evans - Former French Teacher, California

"I really enjoyed this program, I wish I had brought a second camera and more money for bargains. I enjoyed visiting the mosque and villages. I especially liked visiting with the people"
Sharon Glass - College Student, Georgia

"Having the opportunity to see African people in our native, natural environment was poignant for me. It renewed my faith in the strength and endurance of the black family"
Marjorie Hinton, College student, Georgia

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